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[Do your best =D]

Hey everyone! =D

So I'll be replying to people in my previous post shortly, but I found this on ebay and thought I'd link you all to it;

Ash's Adventure zukan Complete Set (european release)

It contains the following Zukans: Raquaza zukan, Makuhita line, Wailmer zukan,  Numel line, Abra line, Anorith line, Phanphy line, Clamperl line, Shuppet line, Castform lines, and the Barboach line.

I was going to buy it for the Shuppet and Castform lines and see if anyone else wanted the others, but the seller only accepts Bank Transfer which isn't convenient for me right now xD And I found Shuppet and Castform in individual auctions so I'm getting those instead =33 I just though I'd link you all in case anyone was desperately looking for a zukan from this set ^__^

Also! I have a question about a Sableye plush; does anyone have an official one for sale/details on the official ones? I found some on ebay for sale, but I'm not sure whether they're bootleg or not, one has an English label but is listed as a Pokedoll (and it's shipped from HK so that worries me), the others are all shipped from HK aside from the expensive one which is sold by Party Pikachu (I've been warned away from that seller by kiraras_lemon because of their tendancy to overprice like whoa. xD So yes, anyd etails/help would be appreciated ^^
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