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Collection Post!

Wow, I'm such a bum. I've been a member of this community for a long time now, but yet I've -never- posted my collection. Truth be told, I'm a little shy about posting my collection considering it's tiny compared to so many of the other members XD Thankfully, I've gotten over my shyness and broke out the camera. I am more of a plush collector, but I've been breaking out into cards and figures lately too. My favorite pokemon would be Arcanine, but there's just not that much of him around ;A;

Be advised that my collection but a humble one; there's nothing rare or special. Though I will say it suits me just fine thus far <3

That would be the collection from a distance :3 You'll have to ignore Fred (the Beta) and Light, they snuck in the photo XD

As for what you see up there, in order from left to right:
Feraligatr Pokekid
Totodile-Feraligatr line Zukan
Feraligatr Pencil Topper
Totodile Pokekid
Huge Mew plush (Bought him from regen <3)
Luxray UFO plush
Shinx Pokedoll
Espeon Pokedoll
Electronic Talking Eevee
Large Eevee plush. (no idea who made him, I bought him at Comicon 06, but my younger brother lost the tag D:)
Lucario Figure (Did a trade with 216handsbound for him :3)
Vaporeon Pokedoll
Plush Lucario, laying down (Got him at comicon 06 too, again..lost the tag D:)
Angrychu (bought him from girlunoriginal )
Growlithe Pokekid
Arcanine Pokekid
Arcanine UFO plush

A close up on Arcy, Lucario, Angry Chu, and Eevee. ANGRYCHU, IS ANGRY >8(

More close ups

A better shot of the gorgeous Figure 216handsbound traded me :3 Not to mention some fire puppies.

Light Yagami doesn't seem pleased with his Blue Gator neighbors :(

That's about it as far as my collection goes...unless you all want to be spammed to hell with pics of my cards

Here's a small Photobucket album of my personal card collection (it's small too XD)

Thanks everyone for taking the time to look at my dinky little collection <3 I had fun sharing it with you.


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