Zachary (shiningpikachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

TCG Get + Pikachu Reject/Bootie

Hi there guys!  Today I opened some packs (eight, to be exact) packs of Next Destinies and got a few cool cards!  These included a Gardevoir, both Arcanines, Muk, Raichu and a Reshiram EX!  AAAAAH.  I love this card lots and I'm very excited to have it in my collection sduoiihsdjklfsdfsdsfd.  I can't wait to buy a box to get more EX cards!  They're all very beautiful.

Anyway, under the cut contains pictures of a Pikachu reject/booty that I bought before joining here and being informed of the dangers of Ebay and booties.  They're kind of derpy, with eyes that point in awkward ways, little holes under their chin and fake tags that I hadn't noticed until after I bought the things.  WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY

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