zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

spring tcg tins

I don't think I've seen anyone post pics of them... So here they are, when I was browsing Toywiz's site, trying to see if the Next Destinies' blister packs (the one with 3 packs, promo card, and Munna coin) were in stock yet, but no... (anyone see these on sale yet??)

It says the release date will be sometime in March. It IS Toywiz, so that date might be a little off...
I know I plan to eventually pick up all 3, as a tin collector :) Although, it does look like they are using EX cards from ND, instead of putting in new promos. Well, that makes those easier to get ahold of then! (But I guess that means I'll be getting an extra Reshiram EX card, since I just pulled one... Boooo another downer for my 'strange tcg pull' topic >_>)

Tags: cards, kyurem, reshiram, zekrom
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