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My Holy Grail CAME~~!!!!

That's right! My Groudon plush came in the mail today~!! <3333333 Holy crap, he's so effing COOL~!!! <3 I can tell he's been loved. He's a bit dirty with a couple of stains. But that's okay. ^___^ He's still cool as all hell! Of course, my new Blaziken and Magmar plush came with him. ^_^ I agree Magmar is not the best looking plush around. ^^;;;; I MAY end up selling him at some point if enough people show interest. I dunno. Fire Pokemon ARE my fave, after all. It's a tough call really.

Anyhoo, here are a couple of pics of my Holy Grail:

He's actually a TOMY plush. I never knew these were made. He's so awesome~!! <333 Heavy, too. Does anyone know any info on him? Like when he was made and where he was distributed? He's so unique. I'm assuming he was distributed at the same time the Kyogre ravestars85 won was made. *shrugs* Behind him are my new Blaziken and Magmar plushies. <3 Why did Play by Play make Magmar's arms extend like that? It looks weird; like he's trying to fly... like a duck. ^^;;; He's trying to remember his roots. XD

Here's a side-view of him. Eep~! I'm so in love with this guy~! <33 I swear, when I get the big Pika plush Gin's selling me, they will be sitting side by side as my two Holy Poke-grails. :3

I also found something Delibird collectors out there may like. If you don't live out here in Cali, you won't be troubled by the stupid sales tax. ^^; I plan on visiting this store to see what they have. Haven't been there in YEARS. Here's the link to the Xmas Delibird plush at a decent price. ^_^
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