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Hey guys, long time no see! 

Before I start this post, I have a HUGE want that has just come to my attention.

Up until now I believed I had every Gible figure ever made, however a discovery has been made!

until now this figure's exsistence was unknown. But thanks to mamoswine all has been revealed! If ANYONE can locate these or has one for sale, I will pay a very high price! This is the last Gible figure I need! Thanks guys!
So two weeks ago I went on holiday to NYC! It was an incredible experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. But we all know what a visit to NYC means...nintendo world!

to start off, here is my updated plush shelf!

new additions are victini, bisharp, shaymin and pikachu; all fresh from nintendo world! All of them are minky and so gorgeous <3

I also got some main collection items! these are from porcupine_paws




beautiful customs and totally worth the trade...thank you so much!

I got these off of blackjackrocket! Two big wants of mine...

first edition base raichu ;A; I've been after this for a long while for my raichu card collection! Thnak you so much <3

these took an embarrasingly long time to find...these are temporary tatoos! I saw them for sale on ebay around 1 and a half years ago, and thought I would find them again easily so I passed on them. Behold, 1 and a half years later I finally have them! Glad to have these struck off the wants :)

these stickers came from a GA captainange held! I love the gible pokemon center art :) captainangelalso made me this forchristmas...

He is BEAUTIFUL! I love him so much! THANK YOU AAA ILU

Those are all my gibl and raichu gets..now for cards!

Whilst in NYC I bought a bunch of booster packs as they were a lot cheaper than in the UK! These were my pulls...

MEWTWO! this went STRAIGHT in my deck. I still need another but I was so happy!
Reshiram is actually for trade :D

the EX full arts...WOW. these are so beautiful! no pictures can do them justice!

 well, those are all my new gets! 

I also realised I have never shown off my card collection! I decided to take lots of pics of all the best stuff I own :)

This is the opening page of my binder;the charizard ex I got for free after careful buying and reselling! The blastoise shadowless is there as a placeholder for a 1st edition one. I hope to have both venusaur ex and blastoise ex to go with charizard ex. One day I will also get the starter evos from base set as 1st editions. 

this is my complete set of neo shinings! (magikarp and gyarados are on a different page) I hope to replace these someday with 1st editions. Kabutops and steelix are1st edition :D
The right page is the first page of gold star cards! I still need raikou * and I need a replacement treecko.

page 2 and 3! I still need celebi *, regice* and regirock *!

a complete set of call of legends shinings, as well as neo shining magikarp and gyarados! magikarp is 1st edition :)

A complete set of reverse shinings from SP/platinum sets, and 2 of the 4 shinings from next destinies. I still need emboar and zoroark!

crystal lugia and charizard! I paid $4each for these :D I'd like the other crystals someday!

full arts page 1! my old black and white pika had coke spilt on it at league, so I need a new one :( and I need a japanese full art thundurus! :D

page 2! I got zekrom via trading :D One of my favourite cards!

Ex cards! I still need a lugia ex and a zapdos ex :D I only keep ex's I like so this folder doesnt have all the ex's I own;just the ones I like :)

page 2! I love flygons here ;D

my fave ex's; the team rocket ex's! I have the rarest one already, which is mewtwo, but I'd still like the others!

now this card is particuarly special; for those that don't know, back when ex dragon was released, for some reason no reverse holo TV reporters made it into the US print run of the set...they were only available in the first few print runs in europe. For this reason it is one of the rarest english cards there is and goes for a lot of money! I got mine in a big lot of cards and I'm honoured to have it!

and to finish off here are my 1st edition holo cards! I have a real soft spot for 1st editions as they were very hard to find here in the UK. I treasure all of them!

And to finish off, some wants! These cards aren't being put inside a cut cos I desperately need them!

I desperately need these: If you have them, let me know! I can buy or trade. If you want to trade for cards, I have tons of primes, lv x's, ex's, pokemon catchers, pokemon collectors, metagame cards and more. I also have a shadow lugia pokedoll for trade!

I also need replacement ones of these as my ones are damaged:

For my other card needs, I have these lists:


And I also have these gible wants!

I've been looking for this glider for a long time if anyone has one I would love to know!

this bag has gible on the otehr side; I'd love it to hold my dice for pokemon/MTG!

I have only seen this once in rentorar's collection; I desperately want this!

I ONLY want the pencil with Gible on it! It also has suicune and zoroark on it.

and this isn't a gible want but I would love to aquire this strap!

it has two of my favourite cards on it, and merchandise of this caliber is very uncommon! 

Thanks so much for reading my first post in a long while! I wish you all well and many thanks!
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