haley (registeels) wrote in pkmncollectors,

An Introduction!

Sorta! I was an old member who, honestly, was not very active but i was able to buy some things which is GREAT. I feel a lot more comfortable here on LJ than, say, ebay (for SOME REASON?) so it's great to come back. My old username was islancio, I made probably a grand total of one collection post. Truth be told it hasn't grown much but this journal here is pokemon collecting specific because I hope to get a lot more involved in it. 

I collect mostly steel pokemon, the regi's, and giratina, though I will buy anything that catches my eye particularly. 

Here is my measly collection: 

at my journal I have things separated to try and archive and label all the merch I've got so far, and I'd really appreciate if some people could fill in the blanks for things I'm unsure of the origin. Honestly I'm wary of the Shieldon, I'm pretty sure it's bootleg. But yes the link above is to my journal but feel free to comment here if you have an input. (:

(ALSO nice to meet everyone. feel free to link to your selling posts if you have something you think i might like for sale!)

EDIT: I guess the pictures weren't showing up; I think I fixed it, but there's no way for me to tell.
Tags: collection, introductions
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