Misselaineous10 (miss10) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Recent (birthday) gets + More Laughing Chikorita!

Hello community! I hope you are all having a good morning/afternoon/evening/etc. I know I am, especially since it's my birthday today! =D

My post for today is what I got from the community recently! I consider them gifts I got for myself, lol.

I got the Farfetch'd charm from an auction akeyma did. The new Mew charm was when Gin (denkimouse) did pick-ups for Wave 1. The other Mew charm (the Johto one) is from a GB knoka did. I loved the note she sent me along with it! I also got the Brazilian Mew figure from snowtigermar. Awesome get here.

Shifty eyes Mew is watching you... XD

Okay, I didn't get this from the comm (it's from eBay), but I thought I'd include it anyway. It's the big Tomy Mew figure! There's slight blue discoloration on its left side, but I don't mind. I think it's trying to be a shiny Mew or something. =P

Christmas Ducklett charm from tamago226! It's so cute and lovely! I put it on a fuzzy purple angel figure because the halo makes a nice hanger for it. XD

The Jakks Togekiss plush I got from p3nguina, while I got the Reshiram bottlecap figure in a meet-up trade from danielsard2. <3

Both Psyduck plushies are from pheonixxfoxx! I've warmed up quite a bit to the troubled duck, especially since it's yellow and...it's a duck. And I collect ducks. QUACK! XD

Oooh, a pretty owl card! But what does it contain? =O

Why, the "official", but custom aluminum charms of Farfetch'd and Mew! Thank you hebilea! For the card and the freebie Farfetch'd sticker! =D

And finally, my Mews. But wait, what's new here?

Daww! A little Walky Mew! I got it from irethsune. Thanks so much!

Walky: Daddy!
Talky: ^_^;

Also, I just got these in the mail today! Yay, actual birthday gifts that arrived today, lol.

sdflgjkdfkdg CLEAR GOLDUCK KID! =D
Okay, this is another eBay get, but still! IT'S SO AWESOME! <3

And duckie stamps! Thanks dezchu! <3
And they stamp well, I just basically drenched them in ink by accident. ^^;

Wow, if you made it this far, enjoy this..."Axew-mander" I drew yesterday! I drew it from memory, but I'm kinda off. ^^;
My brother really liked it though, lol.

Also, can't forget the Chiko here, haha! Click the cut if you just wanna see the new "Chikorita Laughing at Things".

Lol, yeah it has me as well.

What are you doing? Laughing at me AGAIN? And you're GLOWING?! You sure are a weird Pokemon plush.

And that's it! If you actually read all this post, I commend you for doing so! Lol.
And to all the people I got my new stuff from...thank you soooooooo much! This is the best community I've joined ever. Heehee. <3
Tags: chikorita, farfetch'd, figures, golduck, mew, plush, psyduck, togekiss
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