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Everyone Loves To Get Applause! <3

So far these have been my most recent gets for this year, and this is one of the most exciting packages yet! <3 First it starts off with this lot that I saw on ebay after goodbuyer1 told me about it:

but after two days, what is this?! Even Bulbasaur decided to join in the fun! :D

First major update at my collection site, especially the applause section!

Several applause and at least 3 burger king plshies as well. They include the following:

Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Charmander, Charmeleon, Squirtle, Wartortle, Chansey, Vulpix, Cubone, Pikachu, Meowth, Horsea, Mewtwo, Snorlax, Paras, Slowpoke, Abra, Psyduck, sandshrew, and the most important of all Koffing!

Some of them that I wanna share:

The first pikachu was the one I've had since I was 9, his name is Louis. Second pikachu has no pupils, came from a lot. the third pikachu was from the GA hosted by herar, and fourth was from this lot :3

Abra with no tush tag I got a while ago from bay, but the second one was from the lot. I'm glad that it came with its tush tag. I know how rare they are.

My luck with Charmeleon's have turned around, now I own four thank to this lot <333 I'd had a hard time trying to find them in the beginning. Now I can tell all of them apart!

First Vulpix I got at blockbuster before it went out of business. She's pretty old, since I had her when I was a kid. The second one was from the lost, but what is this? Different eyes :o

I own two horseas now <3

Two Cubones <333

Two parases, again luck is turning around!

I own two now, and they're faces are so hilarious! They like to herp their derps everywhere as a hobby.

And then the final one that I was most excited for:




I vowed that the next time he would show up, I'm buying him asap. I have let him get away from me three times in just one year. One was on ebay for $15 in a two pack battle playset of him and Horsea, but was bought before I could get back from campus. The second one was bought for $15 again alone, and again was bought before I could get it. The third one I was skeptical to get, since there was shill bidding going on, so I avoided that. This one popped up in a huge lot, and bought him asap, so I have to thank goodbuyer1 for informing me to him!




The applause collection has doubled in size thanks to this lot, now Applause Gastly is the only one I need left. However my funds are now low, but I'll be in the lookout for one, but if you have one for sale, please contact me! My collection is almost complete!

Now as for the other gets!

These also came in the applause lot. I think I like the Poliwhirl the best.

Applause Pikachu and psyduck from the GA hosted by herar

Trubbish, elgyem, and Beheeyem cards!

And even more of them as well. I can't remeber the usernames of whom I purchased these from. I love these though <3

Elgyem and Beheeyem stickers from mizuhokusanagi THE ALIENS NEED MORE MERCH! D:

So far these are on my 3DS, as Mimi the Audino Pokedoll demonstrates:

Oh silly Mimi.

Pokemon B&W Volume 5 I loved the trubbish in that volume, he may have been stinky, but he was so adorable!

Pokemon rumble blast. I was lucky enough to find $40 on the ground and went to gamestop to get this game.

Mow Rotom Pokedoll I baught from as a birthday gift for myself. MPC Galvantula from nanoplasm, Ivysaur Friends Plush from nagaineko. I have seceretly wanting an ivysaur friends plush for a while. i was attracted to it's bright colors and design :3 and then today 10th Anniversary Bulbasaur pokedoll came along, making him my 94th pokedoll <3 He is from pikachux! I will take good care of him! He's made friends already!

Well that ends this collection update, thanks for reading everyone! :D

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