zora_star (zora_star) wrote in pkmncollectors,

quickie sale!

Ok.... well, now that I know that the EXs will be available in tins (and being a tin collector) I guess that means I'd be getting a double Reshiram... So, I figured I should sell it off now! Oh, and after posting that one topic to rant about my pulls, CAN YOU GUESS WHAT I JUST PULLED NOW OUT OF A ND PACK?! THAT'S RIGHT! ANOTHER RESHIRAM EX!!! azlfasogsaoidug!!!!!!!!??@111!!! Whyyyyyy all the triples??!! Out of ALL the full art cards and EXs I get another one... -_- (Oh, and as an ironic note, I actually got chosen in the lottery... the summons lottery >_> Fortunately for that, I can opt out. Some people never get that in their lives, yet I did... and still get bad card pulls...)

Ah-hem, so now that means I have TWO Reshiram EXs for sale, for anyone who want them now, or don't want the tins and just want the cards.... I'm selling them for $10 each, fresh out of the pack!

Any questions? Just ask! :)
Also, my regular sales are here if you wanted to combine any other cards or anything else to it.
Tags: cards, reshiram, sales
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