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The adventures of Archey and the 3 llamas

Hi community:

Today I bring you the following story. It happened, and I have my good friend pheonixxfoxx from here who can certify it (I'll give cool points to whoever notices the (not so) hidden Archey xD )

Archey is this fella
Born in a far-far away land they call China
Emigrated very young to Virginia were she was raised by a very friendly family, specially her proud adoptive mom pheonixxfoxx and her pet basilisk Sage

One day Archey expressed her wishes to leave VA and travel the country, and establish herself somewhere. Phoenixx wasn't too happy but under the promise of an email a day, she allowed her to go.

Her first landing was Miami, that even though with the bustling and craze, didnt fully convince her, so she checked out Broward County, a few miles north, which she wrote on her book, as she liked the place better. Archey went and checked out Atlanta afterward. She says that their anime cons werent in season yet so she jumped to Tenessee where she stoped and rested for a couple of days. All she did was rest. From TN, she went to Missouri. She almost moved there, but she felt that Broward was her call.

Today, as I went to pick up my 3 llamas from the mail, I heard a scream and some rattling behind the mail walls. A crazed mail carrier came out from the door, saw me, put a package in my hands and yelled "this just arrived, and I dont want it to keep asking me more questions!!!!!" and stormed out of the door.

From inside the wrapper, I heard a voice asking stuff to herself

"where am I?"
"will I be adopted?"
"What a lousy service"...

Well that closes the story part, now things as they are

I ordered Archey from pheonixxfoxx She shipped "priority" on the 15th. The mail got everything right UNTIL the 17th, when the package was on its second to last stop, and RANDOMLY it just bounced to Atlanta. From there, it bounced to TN, Missouri and finally to its righteous plce

Map with Archey's route before it came home. taken from pheonixxfoxx Blog
Now about the 3 llamas

Ordered them from Sunyshore. They came on that amazing pokecen bag that I plan on keeping xD

Curiously they arrived with my adventurous Archey, so I took a group mug shot =D

If you made it until here, thanks for reading!!

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