::drag0n aura:: (drag0n_aura) wrote in pkmncollectors,
::drag0n aura::

quick sale~

Just got this today, the day after I updated my sales (FORGIVE ME). XD
Hoping to get rid of this asap.
SOLD. Thank you! :D

(click above for larger pic)

Sales permission granted by [info]denkimouse on August 3, 2011.
It's an Ultra Rare Alternate Color Emboar from the Japanese BW3 Hail Blizzard set. Looking for $45 shipped for it worldwide.
I am not accepting trades at this time.
Any dings around the edges or scratches you may see are only on the two sleeves it's in. The card itself is in mint condition.


Also, I'm just about ready to post another collection update. Did a bit of housekeeping with my collection and will be posting up my current Pokédoll and TCG collection soon! *_*
Tags: sales
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