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Collection Update <3

Thats right! I got a few key packages today, so I figured I'd update with a collection post =D
Warning! Slightly Image/Ramble Heavy XD

My package from Sunyshore came last week, and oh gosh, I'm so happy I got my hands on Froslass! And the Articuno Meiji figure <333 Leafeon tagged along because I just couldn't resist her

Without the protective dome, so shiny


Also, my package from lightofapollo came!

Two of the last Ice zukans I need! I just love Piloswine and Swinub, they are so fluffy. And of course, Delibird is adorable too

Ohmygod Piloswine feet <333 So adorable

I try to avoid getting zukans of non-ice types or Pokemon that aren't my die hard favorites, but, the fishies were too cute to resist!


Also, for your amusement, my Ice Pokemon Zukan as of today!

Shellder, Seel and Eevee are all honorary members of the gang XD Only a few more sets left, and my legion will be complete!

And finally, I got a little package from pacificpikachu (who included the most adorable little drawing, thank you!)

It's SO painfully cute, and SO much bigger then I thought! But, Smoochum I love you <3

And my Smoochum collection as of today!

Oh yeah, and heres my tiny Misdreavus collection XD

I'm sorry for the blurryness D: Every picture I tried to take of this Trio came out blurry! Whyyyy? Maybe they're real ghosts or something...

So thats it for today guys! Thanks for looking!

Tags: articuno, collection, misdreavus, smoochum, zukan
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