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GA Payment 1 Due!

Payments should be sent to Kassia9 at Label it GA Payment 1, and include your username and what you won.

Pay the bolded amount as that is your total with discounts + PP Fee!! The first column is what your bid was, the second column (bolded) is what you're paying with discounts + Paypal fee. If you had more than one item, I colored you a different color to keep things organized. Let me know if there are any questions! And if you'd be so kind as to comment here after you pay so that I know you've paid, that would be awesome! :)

3 Charm Set Lisa/Rin  akeyma $104.00
Big Skymin  blackjackrocket $104.00
Wynaut (with apple)  doctoreevee $2
Pikachu with Leaf  doctoreevee $5
Pichu with Grapes  doctoreevee $23.63
Black Bag  firevie $72.89
Pikachu and Pichu Book  h1n1vulpix $21.04
Sewaddle  happyparasol $155.86
Mantyke Patch Thing  hebitheivan $21.04
Bigger Shiny Zorua  jantyl $124.75
Piplup  jeffyisaraichu $62.52
Zubat and Onix Charms  kassia9 $155.86
Small Skymin  Rax $8
Mini Celebi Head  Rax $2
Cards in Folder Thing  Rax $2011.42
Pidove  schenzi $41.78
Vulpix Charm and Johto Photo Frame  skdarkdragon $155.86
Zorua Bag  toda $41.78
Pikachu on Pokeball  yaoi_queen $12
Cyndaquil  yaoi_queen $139.57

Tags: group auction
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