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sales update

Hello again :)
This weekend my fiance and i finished raking through some boxes (we moved into our new house 3 months ago and still haven't fully finished unpacking x() and came across more of my pokemon items :D a lot of these items couldn't find a shelf, so for the same reason as last time, they are being put on my sales post for a chance to find a loving home with you lovely people.
There's still a mint without tags banpresto arcanine plush, a 2006 canvas eevee, a milotic zukan, Raikou TFG, the original clear ninetales kid a whole load of  lucario items and much more :D
All items that where bought previously and any bought before thursday 1st of march will be shipped out on the 1st :)

Tags: arcanine, eevee, lucario, manectric, mightyena, ninetales, ponyta, poochyena, raikou, rapidash, sales, vulpix, zukan
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