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Lost contact?


This is a shout out to haemseuteo.
It has been three weeks now since I paid for my $400 order of card and I have yet to receive a package. I am getting a little worried and I see that other members who bought from you around the same time have gotten theirs. :/ I have tried contacting you via PM and through the post itself to see if there has been a delay in shipping or if by chance my package was lost in the mail. I know LJ messaging via email notices have been off and aren't reliable so I wanted to make a post here on the community to see if you see it or if anyone who might know another contact I can try. With such a large order, I really am concerned!

Another reason I'm concerned about lost contact is that I have moved and I NEED to change my address! I won't change it until I find out what happened to this package. :/
If worse comes to worse and I don't hear from you, I'll have to contact my credit card company and cancel the payment which is something I really don't want to do since I can't open a dispute.

So PLEASE, if you see this or if anyone knows a better way to contact haemseuteo, please let me know ASAP!
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