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Small collection update + question, wants, and sales reminder

Hello everyone. :3 This is just a small update on some new thingies I've gotten recently, both Raichu and Emolga related. Whatever could they be?

We'll start off with my new Raichu things.

The Raichu Jakks and the Raichu dog tags were part of a trade with pokepalace. I'm glad we were finally able to complete our trade. :3 I don't know if you received my PM about my fiance shipping your package for me to be nice (and forgetting Delivery Confirmation D:) but I really hope you get your part of the trade soon (if you haven't already), and thank you!

I have a Raichu Jakks already, but not one with the mouth unpainted. Technically it counts as a different version, so I wanted to snag him, seeing as how I've been looking for a non-painted mouth Raichu for a while. As far as the dog tags go, I'm pretty sure I already have these, but I haven't been able to find them for a LONG time. They were one of the original pokemon items I received YEARS ago and haven't been able to locate them, so I wanted to get a new set. :3

The little rectangle thingies are Ponjyan tabs. :3 I got these from tortoises, and are supposed to be the rarest version of the tabs. There were four other sets that were released with Raichu on them, and I am still seeking the others. I originally thought these were lost in the mail, but they finally got to me. They are WAY small and adorable. :D

I also got these adorable stickers from meeka_meerkat. Raichu is obvious, but I've always had a love for Purrloin. She reminds me of my old kitty SO MUCH, and at one point I had a shrine dedicated to her with Purrloins and Espeons surrounding her picture. But my kitties kept knocking everything off my nightstand and eventually broke the picture frame that held the picture of my kitty (:() so I have it put away for now. But I still like to pick up Purrloin things when they show up (like the CANVAS OMG!)

Now for my Emolgas...

I know there isn't a lot here, and I wanted to wait to make a collection post until everything got here, but I couldn't. :P

Here we have the new Emolga kid and the Emolga coin pouch from eledora. I have a question about the kid though. Compared to like, the older kids and stuff, the paint job on the newer ones are kinda.... questionable. They just don't seem to be painted as well as the older kids. Is this common with the newer kids and stuff? Don't get me wrong, I'm still happy with her cuz she's freakin adorable, but I was just curious.

The pouch I was hesitant to snag because I'm trying SUPER HARD not to collect Emolga too much (except for a few plushies and figures and charms and......>_>)... but since my fiance ALWAYS hands me change when we go out and we buy something, I wanted something cute to put it all in. XD Plus I don't see this pouch for sale very often so I figured I'd snag it up. It's WAY cute. :D

Unfortunately, I can't eat the candy just yet. ;_; My fiance and I started an Atkins diet so we can look nice on our wedding day, and candy is out of the diet. HOWEVER, my b-day is coming up next Tuesday and I am allowed to eat it then, along with cake!! :D

...and speaking of my b-day

I do have a question about the stock of the Washington Pokemon Center kiosk...

Like I said, Tuesday is my b-day and my fiance is taking me down to the kiosk to get a few things as a present. :3 I'm curious as to what they have in stock. :3 I'm probably only interested in Pokedolls (hopefully Victini :<), but I have never been there before so I have no idea what they have. :3 I never thought I'd be able to visit the kiosk since I lived in Utah all my life, but since I moved up to Washington, I definitely wanted to check it out. :D

Also, I have a few wants that I wanted to throw into this post...

***Just a quick note that I am absolutely BROKE right now (cuz I'm expecting to make a payment for the Poke Box stickers once the invoice is posted). So I'm looking to trade right now, unless you are willing to hold the items for a little while until some of my Ebay things sell. ;^^) So please don't be upset if you post something that is on my wants list and I am unable to buy at this time. Pointing me in the direction of stuff tho is totally kewl. :3

Alright. First off, I have a sort of pressed penny collection. ;^^ I've always ALWAYS wanted some of Pokemon to add to my collection. I don't even care what pokemon are on them (I know there's a Mewtwo one, which I'd love to have tho). If you have any pressed pennies that you would be willing to sell or trade for things in my shop (listed at the bottom of this post), PLEASE let me know. :3 They look like this:

**image from Google

Also, I'm still looking for the Tokyo Tower Pikachu Phone Strap AND charm.

...and I missed out on the wave 3 charms (cuz the ones I wanted were full :<) but I'm after the following two charms as well...

Purrloin ONLY!

I have the new Pichu and Pikachu to trade for them, but unfortunately, that's all I have. :<

Finally, I've updated my sales post removing things that have sold, etc. I REALLY need this stuff gone and I'll probably put whatever is left in my shop by next week up on Ebay. Feel free to make offers on ANYTHING!

Trades welcome! :3

Also, I'm working on a HUGE TCG sale in an attempt to get rid of all my Pokemon cards, so keep watch for that. Taking decent pictures of cards is difficult. ;^^

I'm expecting in the mail:

~Emolga Pokedoll
~Emolga Type Focus Mascot plush strap
~Emolga Type Focus cell phone strap
~Purrloin Stamp
~Canvas Emolga
~New version TOMY Emolga Plush
~Let's Find Pokemon! Book expect a HUGE update from me here soon. :3 I'll probably post the things I get at the kiosk on my bday too.

Thanks for reading! <3
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