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~Chef Emolga's Cooking Show + A Ebay Lot~

Its time to turn off whatever your watching on day time television and give all the ratings to the hit show "Chef Emolga".
Where he has tons of tasty treats to show and teach you. ~
While Gin visited she gave me these cute little BW kits (Oshawott was sold out), ever since I got them I knew who exactly I'd make these with. My new cooking mascot from now on.....Chef Emolga! Lets get started!~

Well, I have no idea how to read Japanese but it sure is a relief that Chef Emolga can since he's from there.....right Chef Emolga?....
CE: Uuuuh, yeah...I know exactly what this says.... sure......uh.......um......screw it! How hard could it be?

The cute little sets the bags contained. They're all Chef Emolga size!

Chef Emolga starts by pouring the sweet smelling powder into his stirring bowl! 

CE:~Crack, crack, crack the egg in to tha bowl~ Oops...sorry, wrong cooking show...
I was just going to say there are no eggs in this recipe....
Oh! Look at that color changing action!

We must wait Chef Emolga! It takes a bit for it to get nice and straight.
CE: This is the boring part.....
You can be patient and lick the spoon.

The cute little pokeball shaped lids clamp on top~

And into the Freezer it goes! Here Chef Emolga lemme give you a hand. 
CE: Fro-fro-fro-fro-fro fro-fro-fro fro....

After a few hours of waiting, we are done! Beautiful! Look how adorable they are! They were cold yet very squishy.
I plan to keep the molds to make chocolates out of them for the future.
Snivy is melon flavored while Tepig is strawberry!~

Everyone is in awe....and drool.

Thanks Gin for the lovely treats! Chef Emolga sure did love making them and wants to continue being my cooking mascot for future poke-treats! 



I just put up a huge ebay lot of PKMN stuff I've been trying to weed out from my sales post but now its all in one place! 
There is pokedolls, banpresto, Jakks, Clipping figures, Kids, a plamo set, Cards and lots more in this lot.
Any bids would be appreciated. ^-^



The GOLD Emolga variant of the metal figure series. Its the last one I need!

Any Emolga items you have feel free to show them to me! I'm sure I can take them off your hands. ;3
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