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Wants Post !

Just posting a little wants post so it would be great if you could help a collector out :)

I'm mostly interested in Chansey/Blissey items in general (not interested in Happiny merch atm)

For Kid Figures I am looking for THIS version of Chansey. Its most noted by the white mouth and the lighter color.  It seems like its the first release of this particular kid figure. http://toys.qee.jp/pokemon/pokemon_ALL1_1.htm#046

I am not sure if i misread this site http://pkmncollectors.wikia.com/wiki/Pokemon_Kids
but it said there is a clear chansey available. I am going to assume atm that it is not the chansey image i posted above. So if anyone knows or has seen anything about a clear chansey (even if its just an image) I would love to see it, as well as perhaps purchase it. 

I am also looking for  the cooking Chansey figure as shown below.

Also the item i've been desperately looking for. Do let me know if you are selling it or it being sold somewhere. I have a difficult time finding one. Its more common to find the happiny version than the blissey :(
This is my most wanted item so if someone has it, you have a buyer right here *points at self*

In addition to Chansey/Blissey items, I am also interested in these Jynx kid figures (clear jynx, jynx first release, action jynx, and christmas jynx )

Also on the side I'm looking for Charizard keychains, pins the sort of thing you can put on a person's backapack. (Its a little gift for my brother)

Do let me know if you are selling or saw something similar. I am not always online so I miss out on a lot of good stuff, so any info is always helpful :)
Tags: blissey, chansey, jynx, kids, plush
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