shiny_vulpix (shiny_vulpix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick sales post!

Last chance to buy some of these Kids figures before I .. stop advertising them and let them sit in a box forever. XD Included are a couple Clears, including Dratini!

Clear Dratini: $7 (Auction sale fell through and I can't remember who else had bid on him. T_T)

Clear Omanyte - $4
Clear Charmeleon - $4 (surface of side is bumpy)
Clear Raticate - $3 (white chip/mark in plastic on head)

Hypno - $2
Mankey - $2
Golem - $2
Blastoise - $5

Rocket's Articuno EX - $6 (Near mint, a little bent)

Only thing of interest here - N64 Keychain - $3. Inquire about other things, Bulbasaur not available.

I've also got Togepi, Pikachu, and Seel dome figures for $2, but I'm too lazy to dig up the picture XD

And, myself and my boyfriend are offering artwork, retouched/smoothed pixels (great for Pokemon sprites!), and small sculptures. Inquire about commissions :3

Shipping will be $2 for anything to anywhere in the US. Ask about international shipping! Also, if you buy somethin' and pay fast enough tonight, I'll have it shipped out tomorrow! Thanks for looking~

Also, I forget who I bought them from, but I received the Caterpie/Kangaskhan keychains yesterday! Thanks much! To you and anybody else I've bought from, let me know if there's somewhere I should leave feedback :3
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