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Expert advice

I know this may sound a little off topic but it sort of isn't?

Anyway, I am interested in making a collection site to show off brag what I've been able to obtain for the few years I've been collecting merchandise along with helping people who collect the same PKMN with their want list by bringing them nice, clean pictures of individual pieces. However, I can't do that...

Because I need a good camera!

I've seen wonderful, professional pictures of collections here and even on sales posts and I had no idea how to obtain such nice, clean pictures of still items. My camera I have now is a nikon something something or other and it was about $150? However, it only takes nice pictures if I'm outside or strangely, if I'm moving. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what kind of camera I can get that will take nice, crisp, clear images of small items to help with showing everyone my collection. I don't mind putting in a lot of $$$ if it's a good, durable camera. I'm tired of using flash that makes images just horrible but when I take the flash off, everything gets blurred.

Also, I was wondering if anyone would recommend light boxes? I've never used them before but I've seen them advertised and I believe some people use them here and they look great!

One last thing:
I was just sniped for a wonderful Mexican bottle cap auction and I was wondering if it was anyone from the community, if you're not intending on keeping the Haunter, I would be so grateful if you could PM me so we could work something out. ♥
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