Kassia9/ScarletPianoWires (kassia9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants Post and Collection Site Update

Hey everyone =0w0= I finally got around to updating my collection website! It's got so many pages and I didn't realize just how many till I updated the icons for the candle line pages and I was thinking about adding another page...=0v0;= Anyways, since I do believe my wingull collection is complete, it is now up to date on my website so everyone can check it out =0w0=

Click Here: Collection Site

As for my wants, I updated them just a little bit:
~Onix/Geodude Mirror Keychain
~Onix rings
~Metal Shuppet Figures
~Shuppet Retsuden Stamp
~Steelix Metal Swing Keychain
~Steelix Thinkchip
~Gold and Copper Metal Giratina Figures
~Giratina Movie Metal Charm
~Purple Vaporeon
~Purple Flareon
~2009 Halloween Stickers
~Duskull Pichu 5th Movie Bottle Cap
Tags: collection, wanted
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