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For everyone living in Canada/America, if you're interested, Gacha has two new sets of figures coming out at an as-of-yet unknown date. Lookie Lookie. One set contains buildables containing some cute, common Pokémon, while the second contains charms of our favourite friends, Space Penis, Time Pony and Ladylegs. Also ghostie blimp, round thing with big tongue and of course everyone's favourite rat - I mean mouse (because you cannot sell a set if the yellow thing's not there). Dunno about you guys, but I really wanna get me a Ladylegs or Time Pony to hang on my phone! Drifloon's also cool. :)

In other (but related) news, I still have lots more of those gachausa charms of legendaries that are no longer in circulation but are still available in a gacha machine at my local mall (as seen on the site). Like I've been saying, I've spent over $30 at those machines to get some of these beautes for y'all, and I still have a fair bunch still sitting in random drawers in my desk, hidden from view.

These bad boys are still available for sale; all are still freshly sealed in their capsules and in mint condition in every way. Shipping them still in these capsules will be a bit more expensive, so I can just take 'em out and send them sealed in their plastic (and yes, I include the little sheet list thing, and if you want the capsule you can choose what colour you want it) plus any sale/trade from me gets you a free artwork commission of two (simple) or one (complex) Pokémon (examples can be seen on my DeviantArt). I am selling them for a little bit more for what I bought for them since they're brand-new and hard to find, I want to cover my butt for the ones I'll have leftover that won't get sold and I need the money atm. ^^;

Here's what I've got in stock:
Mew charm gachausa - $2.25 (RESERVED - artistic_g4m3r)
Mewtwo charm gachausa - $2.25 (x2) (both RESERVED - kanackering and pkmn_masta)
Lugia charm gachausa - $2.25 (x2)
Celebi charm gachausa - $2.15 (x2) (one RESERVED - penanna)
Jirachi charm gachausa - $2.25 (x2) (both RESERVED - disko_potato and penanna)
Deoxys charm gachausa - $2.10 (x2)

For other stuff with which you can combine shipping, have a look at my Sales Post! I also take trades in certain cases, but for more information please see my Sales Post. ^^

And now for some personal messages - PLEASE READ. D:

TO ANYONE WHO HAS RESERVED A CHARM, please get confirm if you're buying it. =)

TO ANYONE WHO HAS RECEIVED A PACKAGE FROM ME, please tell me when you receive it. =)

sari_sumdac: Your package has been sent, but I'm still waiting to hear about if you end up finding doubles of any Mewtwo figures you might have. Otherwise you owe me $2.25 for Mewtwo, and shipping was $3.51. Please let me know what you want to do asap!

goku_the_saru: I've still got the Piplup charm and Pikachu buildable you wanted. If you still want 'em they're right here, so please just get back to me on that...

x_kyo_sama_x: You wanted that Raticate sticker, right? Still got it if you're interested, and my Paypal's working so I can just use that. :P

sonicelectronic: Sent off your Jirachi, with a pic of Chatot that I omg love so much. <33
Only thing is that Jirachi doesn't appear to be in perfect condition. o.O I opened up both Jirachis and neither was perfect. Sorry yours has a bit of paint smearage, but imo it's better off than the other one. o_O

disko_potato: I really hope your birthday isn't too soon - I don't want your things to be too late. ^^;

disko_potato and penanna: One Jirachi has slightly yellow finger tips and the paint from its right eye has run a little, and the other is in perfect condition. Still selling both for 2.25, but I can draw a second picture, throw in a freebie card or perhaps interest you in any plushie from my sales post for fifty cents as my "I'm sorry" refund. If you're just not interested then that's okay. :S

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