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Collection Update and Some Sales!

I've gotten quite a few packages in the mail recently and wanted to share them with you all! Can you figure out what I received?

Surprise! Here's a group shot of everything I've received since my last update. Keep reading for more photos!

First off, Pokedolls! Cresselia has been a high priority foreve. I received this one from cyritic! Cherrim is from spideyroxas's GA, Celebi I received from a large Noppin box (only thing I kept! XD) and Flareon just arrived from Epcot. (My younger sister had a band trip there last week and brought me a souvenir. <3)

My 'Rill update has SO many new items that I've been searching for for awhile! Azumarill friends plush is from a trade with tsutarjafan_18 and is so precious. I love the tiny size! The Azumarill and Azurill kids were traded to me from hebilea! I have been waiting to add this cuties to my rill kids for quite some time. 

Not only did hebi send me the kids- she also included the stickers and Marill strap! They couldn't be more perfect for my collection (especially since my previous Marill strap just broke this week. ;_; Perfect timing for a new one!) Thank you so much, Lea! <3

The 2012 charms are from Gin! I included a comparison with the Johto charms for anyone who is interested.

Azumarill is the same, but the others are just soooo precious. <3

More new charms! These are from dewott. Minun and Plusle go into my Pokedoll charm collection (I think?). There origins are kind of unknown- part of a 2005 Christmas promotion.I have yet to decide if I consider them Pokedoll charms since the art is slightly different BUT that does not take away from their cuteness! I love the Christmas Pikachu charms, too. <3 They will be going on the Christmas tree as ornaments next year! Thank you so much Rachelle!

THE DARKRAI PREORDER FIGURE AHHHHHH it came MIP from my secret valentine, pantherotter! I am absolutely in love with it. Definitely my favorite figure ever! (LOOK AT THE DETAIL!)Thanks again hon!!!!

The pins are from usakochan! I love the sprite pins the most. <3 

Pick-up Type focus bags from placetohide! The green one will be my new lunchbox for student teaching! The pink one... well... I just wanted an extra bag. XD If you are debating getting a bag- DO IT! Here is a pic of the inside with a size comparison. They can fit so much stuff and you will love them!

I also received these epic socks! I kinda want to get a couple more pairs. :)

I also wanted to share these custom stamps I've been making with you all! I love my Marill pokedoll stamp so I've been playing around with carving my own! Would anyone be interested in a custom stamp for around $10-15 in the near future? That's the price range I'm thinking of doing... but I'm open to suggestions!

So yes, I've completed six stamps and Leafeon is up next! :D

Thanks for looking at my new gets! I also have some sales up in my journal- I've added quite a few items from my personal collection and reduced prices on everything from my past Noppin sales post. Check it out! (I'll be back from work in 8 hours to respond to you all.) <3 <3 <3

Click here for sales!

You guys make me so happy. :)
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