Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Group Buy - 10th Anniversary Finger Puppets?


I'm wanting Celebi and Lucario from this set of finger puppets. It has a BIN price, so there's no need to worry about being outbid.

I want to do a group buy for these - the cost you pay would not be contributing to any profit for me, but just enough to buy the set and have it shipped to me, plus shipping the puppet(s) to you. ^_^

As soon as I get enough interest, I'll go ahead and buy the auction, and kindly ask that you paypal me so I can pay the seller. :D These are first come, first serve; also, these are paypal only - sorry!

The puppets will be $5.70 a piece plus shipping. ^_^ If you live in the US, shipping will be $2. Anywhere outside of the US will be $3 for shipping.

Celebi - lineaalba
Lucario - lineaalba
Mewtwo - kanackering
Entei - obscurevibrance
Lugia - meowthcollector
Darkrai - kaygee84
Latias/Latios - obscurevibrance
Jirachi - meowthcollector
Manaphy - Available
Deoxys - meowthcollector
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