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First Collection Update and Thanks!

Hello, everyone!

Ever since I started buying things here, my collection has increased significantly. I've had a lot of fun shopping here and saved a lot of money. I want to thank all of you, especially denkimouse and the people I've bought from, for making being part of this community such a wonderful experience. My girlfriend chypie and I are positively addicted to this comm now.

Without further ado, please have a looksie at what the last few months has brought me! (If any of the pictures are too big, please let me know and I'll resize them ASAP!)

My very first Poke'doll Cherrim (Ruby), and her new friend, a Jakks Pacific Cherubi from artikgato. :D

Here we have my Banpresto Christmas Litwick plush, and my Litwick Poke'doll (Ingo) from blackfruitbat.

Here's another shot of the fomer next to Lala, my Lapras Poke'doll from cyritic.

This is Zoroark (Mima) from em_lemon, and Skitty (Danielle) from blackfruitbat! I made them tag protectors from card sleeves and tape.

These three are probably my favorite dolls! Darkrai from blackjackrocket, Palkia DX (Palkudari) from dewott, and my ultimate grail Cresselia, courtesy of cyritic. <333

This is my bootie UFO Swoobat (Cheryl), and my Snivy (Tsuta) plush from flag.

Here's my Darkrai again next to my Takara Tomy Darkrai. I think he's a bootie, but I'm not 100% sure.

Here's my "Sill Figures," as I like to call them. (The first three are booties.)

My Dialga DX kid from schenzi, and my first purchase on the comm!

My Sinnoh Dragon Trio! <33 Giratina is Banpresto, Palkia and Dialga are Jakks Pacific.

My growing collection of Bandai kids! Many thanks to allinia, dragonrider49, kyogres, and neeko48!

Here is my first zukan: Ralts, Kirlia and Gallade! Ralts is smaller than the nail on my pinkie. I hope I never lose him, agh.

They're all booties, but I love them nonetheless. Vaporeon, Eevee and Jolteon were gifts from a friend.

I'd like to especially thank neeko48 and cyritic for helping me get my ultimate Poke'doll grails so far, Origin Giratina (not pictured) and Cresselia. Thank you to everyone who also sold me charms and some other small things which aren't pictured here. You guys are awesome too! Thanks again, everyone! (Here's a link to my entire collection!)

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