Talia (renshao) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Poketime Wailord Offers

Hi everyone! I've not been very active on this community for a while, other commitments have totally gotten in the way.
And it's these other commitments that are causing me to take offers on my Pokemon Time Wailord cushion. :)

I love it to pieces, but I just have nowhere to put it where it looks good with my collection, and my cat keeps attempting to use it as a bed, and altogether I just feel like someone could appreciate it more than me. It's in pristine condition (despite my cats attempts otherwise), and has it's original tag fully intact.

I don't really know what to ask for it, so if you would like to make an offer, go right ahead :) Please note that postage may be pretty high (around $30 because he is huge haha.) I'll only accept payment by PayPal. I'm about 99.9% sure I'm willing to sell it.

I do have sales permission, it was granted by lineaalba (sp?) back a year or so ago, maybe a little longer. :)
I did have a quick scan over the rules and I think I'm in line with them, but if there's a new rule I'm not sticking to, just let me know :)

Have a great day guys <3
Tags: wailord
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