Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

Sales Post!

Sadly, I must part with some of my collection due to financial need.
Available are some really nice things of various Pokémon :3

Policies: I accept Paypal only (no trades this time unless it's something amazing I don't have). Shipping insurance is available at an additional cost. I ship worldwide, buyer pays shipping. I ship items on Mondays and Wednesdays. Absolutely no holding of items, they are first come, first serve. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Any questions? Just ask.

First off, I was going to put an auction for all the Amada stickers and Laminacards and stampers I had leftover... but with rising eBay final value fees, I'll offer it to ya'll first.

You get EVERYTHING pictured here, which includes:
-51 laminacards
-34 thick discs
-19 thin discs
-3 jumbo discs
-144 square Amada stickers (some holographic!)
-9 self-inking stampers
-1 Venusaur deck box
All this for $20 + shipping. I TOTALLY don't mind if you resell these.
OR, you can get like items separately...
-All of the discs for $5
-All of the Amada stickers for $8
-All of the Laminacards for $8
-All of the stampers for $10
-the deck box for $4

Raikou and Suicune rubber models. When I got them, they were dirty and without eyes or tails. I repainted Raikou's head and eyes (his fangs and eyes and coated in clear gloss!) and repainted Suicune's diamonds, eyes (also glossy) and white face and belly. I started to fix her tails, but one of the replacement tails broke off. I don't have time to finish these guys' repairs, unfortunately, so up for sale they go. I paid $5 for each originally- they are very rare.
I'm thinking $6+shipping for each, since I did spend some time working on them.

Closeups of Suicune.

Closeups of Raikou.

Teddiursa V-trainer figure and a jumbo bank. Take both for $13 + shipping.

Pikachu container with a cord- really cute, might be handy for putting cards in.
$4 + shipping

Custom painted shiny Skuntank kid. Looks better in real life. ^_^;
$5 + shipping

Very cute Koffing stamper, not self-inking.
$4 + shipping

Bootleg Slakoth and legit Vigoroth figures - take both for $3 + shipping.

I'll have a collection update soonish... I recently got something really exciting and one-of-a-kind for my collection I'm dying to show ya'll... but schoolwork comes first!
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