Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

first of all, a few people asked me, and YES: you may offer your completed bell plushies to the community, if you want to sell them/give them up. just mention it when you post them. :)

anyway, for reals guys, i took lovely photos of my staraptors and garchomps! they are gonna go on sunyshore when i find time! :D have a look, please!

for the record: i am collecting ALL figures and plush ONLY of these two. i have three levels of collecting...

level 1: only specific plush and figures (my basic electrics)
level 2: ALL plush and figures ONLY (chomp and rap)
level 3: GO INSANE FOR IT ALL (raichu and lions)

there is also the unspoken level 4, which is collecting random cards and stickers. ya'll can have fun with that, but if i tried my OCD would make me a crying wreck every other day. XD level 4 is like.... unthinkable. so i dont collect that stuff.

on to the chompies and rappies!

YAY!!! this will be updated next weekend, as i am getting the gigantic plush coming out soon, and a new, rare flying staraptor from europe! wheee!
WAITING ON: Tomy Figure!
LOOKING FOR: Clear Pokekids!

YAY CHOMPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i... i love you ;-;
WAITING ON: Zukan! Plush!
LOOKING FOR: Clear Pokekids (missed out on one a few days ago forgot to bid grumble frumble)

for me, collecting these guys is a real treat. i have never collected a non-electric before, and i love these guys SO much.
Tags: collection, garchomp, staraptor
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