Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

10th Anniversary Puppets Group Buy!

I went ahead and bought the 10th anniversary puppets! ^_^

I have yet to pay the seller, so please pay me ASAP. :D

My paypal address is: the.linea.alba(at) - just put your LJ name/what you are buying in the memo. ^_^ Shipping will be $2 for within the US, and $3 for everywhere else. ^_^ - Please add the shipping amount to your total, since I do not know where some of you live.

Mewtwo - kanackering - $5.70 + shipping - PAID
Entei, Latias/Latios - obscurevibrance - $11.40 + shipping - PAID
Lugia, Jirachi and Deoxys - meowthcollector - $17.1 + shipping
Darkrai - kaygee84 - $5.70 + shipping - PAID
Manaphy - miss_fuu_chan - $5.70 + shipping - PAID

I will cross your name off the list once you have paid me. ^_^
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