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NEW GETS & WTB Karrablast MPC!

* I was granted sales permission on 09/03/11 by dakajojo.
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* Permanent Plush/Figue/Etc Sakes
* Permanent TCG Sales

I got quite a few things this month, lets have a look! :D

Heatmor on his faithful steed, Aron! Aron is actually risha_moon's bday gift (Sundayyy!), but I couldn't resist having a little photoshoot before mailing him off XD
I love Heatmor so much <33333 Definitely one of my favorite plush (and also one of my favorite pokemon!)
I hope he gets more merch :3 Especially looking forward to a kid and zukan *_*

Also got the Kyurem tin today <333 IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I gasped when I saw it because I wasn't expecting to see it for atleast 3 more weeks??

Last week AND today I pulled Regigigas EX XD The other one is for sale in my shop so go take a look <3!
This is my next prettiest card after Kyurem ex!

Traded with bazula for these lovelies <3! Palpi and Vullaby are my new favorite kids X3

Got these with Heatmor from shiningmew The Togepis are precious ;3; One is a gift for someone but ahh they look so cute together it will be sad to make them part X'D

Can you tell I like kids? lol I finallyyyy got the last Munchlax kid i needed! YAY The rest of them had been eluding me too <3 Ziggy was a replacement for one I traded away lol. My kid wants are slowly dwindling down (kinda.. not I want a lot of BW ones sigh lol)

I took this photo for toedychan to replicate this speed painting I did for her XD;;

Got this little coin purse yesterday, It's so cuteeee, I wish I had more of a reason to use it.. I might use it as a pill case or something idk.. lol

More politad fun!

CROAGUNK CHARM <3 Got this from cardwhale |D I've been wanting a croagunk charm but don't care for the new ones so I'm glad I got this one :3! Still want the lounging charm really bad though...

Ahhh I've been wanting this plush since I first saw it, so fat and cut! I've dubbed him mcfatty pants, had to move a bunch of things around to get him to fit on the shelf XD

Customs <3333 I made the Aipom with the intention of selling it but looks like I'll be keeping it XD Also I plan to make an army of Karrablast because he's adorable ;3;

Looking to purchase 1-3 things from this! Kind of in priority order, & used preferred! Mostly I'm holding out for Karrablast MPC and Cottonee/Whimsi kids, & Whimsi pokedoll but if you want to trade or tempt me with the other things pictured...go ahead X3

Forgot Pokecen Promotion Scraggy charms! I NEED ATLEAST ONE! Also lounging Croagunk charm :3

Updated Sales! highlights: Regigigas EX, Energies, Pokemon Catchers, Latias VS, Tomy Scraggy plush
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