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last call for kids

I really hate looking at these, which is weird because I used to be overly obsessed with them. Anyway, this is the last call if you want any of them, because if not, I'll just keep them or something.

$2.50 each
DX Torterra - $3.50
SOLD: Dialga, Zapdos, Porygon Z, Charmeleon, Darkrai, Rapidash
HOLD: Bastiodon, Skorupi, Moltres, Latios (bluetip_echelon)
(Latios is shiny custom by juumou and is a bit sticky)

$1 or one free with any purchase
SOLD: Seedot, one Slugma, Tentacool, Solrock, Magcargo
HOLD: other Slugma (bluetip_echelon)

Or you can be awesome and take the whole lot for $25

and these are $1.50 each.
SOLD: Dialga, Darkrai

Shipping is $2.50, but may increase with a heavier order. For stickers, shipping is $1.

Besides that, I'd really like to make a collection update, but I broke my mum's camera. My cellphone takes crappy pictures, as you can see, so taking a collection pic would ruin it.
That's it. Have a nice weekend!

Edit - I think I mentioned this in an earlier post that I deleted, but I have not sent out the packages from this post. I had a stomach flu and didn't want to send it to any of you, of course. Everything from that post is going out today.
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