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I've Got a Golden Ticket....the sequel oO" + Poli Charm GB + Victini Box Split + (Birthday) Wants

Hi, Everyone! ^^

(FINALLY!!!! Sorry to anyone viewing the pkmncollectors page when LJ was spazzing and Frank kept eating this post. Took me 4 tries to get it to post. I was so scared it got deleted. :()

First off, if anyone is expecting a reply from me and hasn't received one yet, please let me know. My notifications were iffy a couple days ago so I might have missed someone's reply to a comment thread. I tried going back to check them all but I might have forgotten some.

Second, I was going to wait to post on Sunday (my birthday) or Monday (my Pokemon Collectors Anniversary), but I have some things I wanted to post about today, so I'll be doing another post later with weekend with a mini-collection update after I get my birthday package from sorjei

Also, I am horrible at remembering to leave feedback for people I buy things from. If you see this and are wanting me to leave feedback from something you sent, please let me know. I usually forget to leave feedback because I am not at home when packages arrive and I usually see them two or three weeks later. ^^;

Now onto the actual post! ^^

Very Image Heavy. oO"

It All Starts with This...

So, I started today with a random cold at 5:30 in the morning that kept me from sleeping. Then I woke up to this awesome package! ^^

Another cute Pika bag! ^^ I have 3 of these now...anyone interested in buying/trade for one? lol. ^^;

Charm group shot

TINI! :D Quickly becoming one of my favorite Pokemon.

PUPPIES! <3 Also, anyone wanna share what merchandise is available for these three? Especially Herdier.

Emolga! <3

Ducklett and Swanna! ^^ Might be putting Swanna up for trade.

Min and Cin! ^^

Zorua and Zoroark! :D Might be putting Zoroark up for trade.

And...as I reached into the bag to get these out...I was surprised to see...


But, wait, Risha, didn't you get one before?


Pic of the two tickets together.

Noticed the stamps in the 00's are switched. NEAT!

Date stamps on the back of the tickets.

Umm...does this mean I get to go to the chocolate factory twice? ^^; lol.

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Click the Previous Feedback Link Also here - Link

Looking to GB this set! ^^

There will be one payment for $10.50 per charm (this includes the charm, shipping from seller to me, and shipping from me to you). If you are interested in more than one charm, I can combine shipping (shipping for one charm is calculated at $3.50 so each additional charm shipping would be $1).

Please only claim if you can pay immediately after all charms are claimed. Thanks!

Politoed - ME! ^^

Would anyone be interested in splitting this box with me?

The box itself is $10 + $5-ish shipping, so I was thinking $7.5 each then shipping and fees from me to you so $10.50 total.

Card list - http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Battle_Theme_Deck:_Victini_%28TCG%29 It is this set except Korean instead of Japanese.

Cards I am interested in -
Sparkly Fire Victini
Sparkly Emolga
Sparkly Simisage
(I also like Sparkly Audino and Psychic Victini but less so than the 3 above and I wanted to leave 3 Sparkly cards for the person I'm splitting the box with.)

Non-Sparkly Cards (on of each)
Great Ball

So, that's 9 out of 30 cards not including the 10 Energies. So You'll choose your top 9 cards and then we'll divide up the rest (including 5 Energies each). We'll each end up with 20 cards.

Been working on updating my available card list. Finally finished all the BW series. And I combined all my older series cards...just need to actually update the list for those now. O:

Still have this card available for sale/trade -

I have a couple people interested but no actual offers yet. Anyone interested? ^^;

Also, looking for this French Victini box -

I don't need the Victini bottlecap, but I would be interested in everything else in the box...especially the Jumbo card and the holo card.

And...my friend sorjei is considering doing a custom plush to get me one of the following plush for my birthday. So, if you'd be interested, please let me know. I also might be willing to buy the plush directly depending on price.

List in order of importance -
Houndour Pokedoll
Leafeon Pokedoll
Shadow Lugia Pokedoll
Cinccino TOMY plush

Examples of her work -

Also...still looking for the Johto-dex Pichu Charm, this Meowth Balloon Toy and maybe the Magikarp Submarine too, and a Mew Bottlecap figure (willing to trade my Mewtwo one) And...lots of other stuff off my wants - http://risha-moon.livejournal.com/36144.html

Also, I am looking to trade my Umbreon Dark Rush Promos for this Meowth Promo or this Zorua Promo. Let me know if you're interested. Or...if you have either of those cards for sale/trade, let me know, please. :D

And still looking for these two promo cards - http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/5/57/RioluBWPromo33.jpg and http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/f/f4/LuxioBWPromo34.jpg

And sleeping Pachirisu tomys - preferrably this one http://i850.photobucket.com/albums/ab64/larvitarscar/f974ebfd.jpg (image borrowed from larvitarscar) doesn't have to be clear. But I might like this one - http://pineconeforest.weebly.com/uploads/7/3/1/0/7310428/355648585.jpg Depends on the price. ^^

And now I'm off to do homework on the last official day of my Spring Break, because, apparently, my professors don't know the meaning of Spring BREAK! :( I have a test, a quiz, a presentation, and a paper all due next week. BLEH! >O

Thanks for reading,
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