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It's that time again! Giveaways!

Hello there again!

Since I was doing a giveaways post last year, why not do it again this year? Last year in August, I was doing a large giveaway post, where people could get themselves some very nice items for free and just pay me for the shipping, packaging and fees. It has been a really successful one, and many items got themselves a home! So rather keeping the items closed in a box, I would love it again, if people would give them a nice loving home! So I took most of the items from my sales post, retook some photos what's up for grabs! And I thought...since it will be my Bday soon, I love rather giving away presents rather then getting them, haha XD

Please, READ THE RULES before you claim items. If you will not follow them, it will be your fault you didn't go after them and will miss the items you want! It should not take you more than 2 minutes. If you will comment incorrectly, that will show that you did not read them. If you will not read, you will not claim. As simple as it is.


- All community rules apply.
- I ship from Slovakia.
- The items for sale are not with shipping included.
- When you purchase or claim something, you must come back to me within 12 hours after I respond to your message!!! After all, this is mainly not a sales post. If you will not, I will just sell/let another person claim the item/s he/she wants. You can inform me that you will be back for more than 12 hours for whatever reason, I will then hold the item/s for you.
- You can claim MAX 1 item + any 3 flats. If you want more items, then I will consider it, but I might say no. I want other people wanting to claim something have a chance as well.
- If you will JUST claim something, you will pay for the packaging, shipping and fees.
- If it might happen that your package gets lost, I will NOT refund you, since the money I am using them for are not for me, just for your items that will arrive to you.

Read them all? Here we go!!! :D

All these kids want YOUR LOVE! (except Lucario...decided to keep him, so my Riolu won't be lonely...)
GONE: everybody except Chingling

Keychains, straps, stamps and other items! <3
GONE: Dialga strap, Palkia strap, Panpour Retsuden, Latios TOMY bootie, Tepig figure with square box, Rayquaza strap, Rayquaza TOMY, Kangashkan keychain

The pokeball can be yours with ANY order :)

Korean flat pop ups!
GONE: normal Tranquil, one Pidove, Pansage next to Pikachu, Pikachu, Pansage with other pose, Trubbish, Herdier

GONE: Paras, Rattata, Rhydon, Ditto, Persian, Doduo, Tentacool

Various flats!
GONE: Panpour sticker, Pansage sticker, Audino sticker, Haxorus sticker, all Mewtwo strikes back flats

And also my dog tags! I am selling them for 1$ each now, hope to get just the money back I have paid for them XD

Only Entei and Sceptile available!

GONE: Pidgey, Pidgeot, both Kyogres

Everybody available, except Mime, Latios and Metagross!

Everybody available, except for Cascoon, Donphan and Pikachu!

If you would like the ball chains, small one is 0.10$, the big ones are 0.25$! Illumise sold!

Thank you guys as always! :D
Tags: figures, kids, sales
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