jerybunny (jerybunny) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Cool Find!

So, I found these cool old books at my local used bookstore in the foreign language section.

I found three of them, volumes 6, 7, and 8.

I can't read them in the slightest, but I believe they are episode guides.
Here are some various shots from Book # 6, I only took a few as I didn't feel like taking pics of all of the pages XD But if anyone would like a full picture guide let me know, and I can take pictures and email them to you if you are curious. :3

Back of the book, they are all chunky cardboard books that remind me of easy reader kids books. Lots of great pics and I remember ALL the episodes, which is special in it's own way. Anyone have any more of these to show? Cause I would Love to trade for that volume two with the Kanto starters on it!

The books have TONS of great pictures of lots of different pokemon, as well as info on people in the episodes.
Tags: books, charizard, eevee, growlithe, pikachu
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