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Multiple GB of stamp sets!

Well, herro there!

First thing!

Everybody who has paid so far from the giveaways, has their packages ready to be shipped! They will be sent out sometime this week! :D
For those people who would like to give other guys a home, it's not too late! You can still claim some!

Second order of business! pantherotter, you have still not paid me for the shipping for your Emboar and Samurott stamps! They will be 2.60$ to lea(DOT)shiroihebi(@)gmail(DOT)com, thanks! :) Paid! Thanks! <3

Now the Group Buy!
PLEASE PLEASE read this first!!!!!! Everybody has a chance to get whichever stamp they want, even though it might happen you will be slower than the one before you and whatsoever! Also, boxes can be now claimed as well! :D

I have seen a lot of people missing out the stamps they wanted, that's why I am going to do a multiple Group Buy on these four stamp sets! What does multiple Group Buy mean? I have contacted the seller, who sells them on eBay, and I have asked if they have multiples! They said they do! So what you can do, if a stamp you REALLY want gets claimed, you will be put on the "waiting list," meaning that I will buy more sets of the stamps, once every stamp gets claimed a second or third time!

This one will be going for three days, meaning, I will put a reminder in two days and we'll see how it goes!

- This one will be a Group Buy! Meaning first payment will be for your item/s + shipping to me and the second payment will be just shipping from me to you!
- Once payments are in, you HAVE TO pay me within 24 hours after I reply to your comment! NO EXCUSES! I will leave negatives, I want this to go as smooth as possible!
- I am NOT responsible once I send out your packages! This is a Group Buy, where I take NO money in to myself!
- I was granted sales permission by dakajojo March 2011, and my feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/hebitheivan/

Read them all? Great! Here we go!!

Stamp set 1! Each stamp, ink pad, or box will be 1.91$ each from this set!

Pikachu - hebilea
Tepig - bellyofthewolf
Victini - chypierisha_moon
Cubchoo - chaos_21
Munna - snow_skitty
Purrloin - bellyofthewolf
Sewaddle - snow_skitty
Emolga - ruenisvictinimad
Gothita - prawnographer
Minccino - dragonrider49
Whimsicott - tamago226
Lilligant - ruenis snow_skitty
Ducklett - tamago226risha_moon
Deerling - bellyofthewolf
Snivy - prawnographer
Oshawott - tamago226
Audino - dragonrider49
Pansage - nasija
Ink pad with Emolga - ruenis
Ink pad with Minccino - nasija
Box - hebilea

Stamp set 2! Each stamp, ink pad, or box will be 2.50$!

Zekrom - snow_skitty
Reshiram - snow_skitty
Kyurem - prawnographer
Zoroark - prawnographer
Zebstrika - tamago226
Pikachu - roxiiredsnow_skitty
Victini - chypie
Emboar - dragonrider49
Krookodile - anthonyjg10zoroarcadesnow_skitty
Bisharp - snow_skitty
Serperior - chypie
Scrafty - hebilea
Samurott - crimson_angel02
Dragon ink pad - chypie
Starters ink pad - tamago226
Box - nasija

Stamp set 3! Each stamp, ink pad, or box will be 2.23$!

Scraggy - irethsune
Lilligant - snow_skitty
Cubchoo - irethsune
Lillipup - wutastic
Vanilite - dinictissnow_skitty
Joltik - irethsunechaos_21seyera, dinictisspasjoltik
Snivy - snow_skitty
Litwick - kurai_tsuki7
Reuniclus - wutasticsnow_skitty
Audino - sheriphie
Ducklett - snow_skitty
Purrloin - snow_skitty
Mienfoo - zoroarcade
Pika/Cinccino - roxiired
Emolga/Whimsicott - irethsune
Osha/Pika/Cin ink pad - roxiired
Emol/Pika/Whimsi ink pad - roxiired
Box - ruenis

Stamp set 4! Each stamp, ink pad, or box will be 2.5$!

Kyurem - dragonrider49
Haxorus big - dragonrider49
Gigalith - hebilea
Haxorus small - dragonrider49
Druddigon - snow_skitty
Stunfisk - irethsunetamago226dinictis
Volcarona - dinictisspasjoltik
Golurk - shinygolurk
Vaniluxe - knowsnow_skitty
Palpitoad - toedychan 
Chandelure - hebileadinictisvictinimadsnow_skitty
Scolipede - zoroarcadechypie
Stoutland - dragonrider49
Kyurem ink pad - wutastic
Ink pad with Hydreigon - dragonrider49
Box - wutastic

That's it! Thanks guys! :)
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