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Hello, everyone! It's that time I posted about roughly a month and a half ago!

I'm going to NYC at the end of next week and am doing a Nintendo World run. I've done a successful one before and am ready to do another!

I called Nintendo World just now and they gave me a list of the Pokédolls that they have in stock. I missed a couple since the fellow was reading so quickly, but you can find all the ones I managed to jot down (as well as procedure to order one) after the jump!

-Shaymin (Sky forme)

DX Pokédolls:
-Zekrom (12 in.)
-Reshiram (12 in.)

DX Pokedolls: $32
Pokedolls: $20

Payments will be in two installments: one before I go to NYC to cover the item and a second once I am back and calculate shipping. Items will be shipped promptly.

1. Comment on the thread marked ORDERS with what you are interested in ordering. You may order up to three items.
2. Send payment to via PayPal.
3. In the comment section on PayPal, please include the following:
-Your LJ Username
-What You Ordered
4. Orders will be accepted until 12PM EST on March 21 or until I have reached capacity. Any orders after that date will need special clearance.
5. If your item(s) is/are not in stock, you will receive a full refund.

Any questions, please comment in the questions thread found below, or email me at Orders will be accepted until March 21 at 12PM EST.
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