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collection life

my name is gin. i am an electric-type pokemon collector. and i have been to ikea recently.

recently people ask me, "is that your collection room?" or, "is THAT your collection room?".

let us clear the air... i have NO collection room.


to be clear, i have a main collection room, and an auxiliary collection room. here in my house we do not use such common, petty words as "living room" or "bedroom" or "office" or "guest room". it's just, the main collection room, the auxiliary collection room.

okay, and one kitchen.

as i have just re-taken all my photos, re-organized my entire auxiliary room, and re-did a lot of my main room too, let us venture together into my world!

this is the main wall, as of today. it usually looks like this, for the past two years or so, since i got vitani, that big ol' luxray there. with her is big sucky, the MPC expert. look closely, you will find one of every electic pokemon family represented here. i'd say every single electric pokemon, but about three of them are a bit cropped... sorry guys!

here is a better shot of the far wall. featuring most of my custom lions and raichus plushies ... :D and some of those electrics who got cropped in the last shot! sorry, suckies and sheeps!

some of my bigger customs, all my shiny customs, and some bigger plush in general, up in this corner!

below that hammock is these trainers who just love electric pokemon like me. they are also three of my favourite trainers in all of pokemon :)

how about to the right of that hammock? why, we have these fellows, all in a row! my overflow elekids, zebras, maggyos and some magnets as well! in other words, electric pokemon who were in movies... or will be this year, maggyo :D

how about to the left of that hammock?! ITS RARE NOVELTY MIRAGERAICHUAGANZA PLUSHTIME!

how about that totally redone new auxiliary room eh? why... let me introduce you!
to doctor raikou's butt!?

that shot gives a bit of an idea of the collection apartment, yes? up there is all my electric micey pokedolls...spare the regular ones, who are with the others in the main room.

how about the bed? OF COURSE!

what happened to fatso and maru, the gigantic shinxes? here they are!

fatso's bling is blingy as ever. featuring the entire JOHTO charm dex electrics...

what about the national dex charms we just completed? they can all be found... ON MY ELECTRICS PAGE SOMEWHERE...yes, ALL of them!! i am not going to bother posting all those photos.

and that is my updated everything!!!! with more detailed updates to come in time, oh yes, and maybe some black kyurems will work their way into this mix, heh heh heh...

thanks for looking! i'm out, comrades! :D
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