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GA Payment 2 Recalculated!

All right everyone! The shipping has been recalculated for Kassia9 and SKDarkDragon's GA. Your original payments have been refunded by Kassia9. Please check under the cut for the new totals.

First off, the shipping on this was expensive. No way around that. (Do keep in mind, we did get some nice discounts in the beginning, though.) And many participants were concerned that because some items were obviously larger, it didn't feel right for people who only bought keychains to pay the same shipping as people who bought larger items and plush. Here's Kassia9's method:

"Okay, I did some math and separating. I separated the items in our GA according to size to the best of my memory, [I do not have a picture, I usually save them separately to post for the GA], and either way, the shipping just isn't gonna look pretty either way we do this. :\

So the list for the small items is:
Charm set counts as 3
mantyke patch thing
zubat charm
onix charm
vulpix charm
johto frame

Medium list:
pikachu with leaf
pikachu with grapes
sewaddle mpc
celebi head
pidove mpc
pikachu book thing

Large List:
Big Shaymin
Black Bag
Shiny Zoura Plush
Small Shaymin
Mini binder with stickers
zoura bag
pikachu on ball plush

Now I gave each group a portion of the total. 21.30 to divide by small items, 43.30 to divide by medium items, and 65.30 to divide by large items. Each category had 8 items in it, which makes each small item 2.66, each medium item 5.41, and each large item 8.16. So it's really based on size and amount of items which I think sounds fair enough as far as shipping goes."

The totals by these standards with an added Paypal fee as estimated from the PKMNCollectors GA calculator is as follows:

Akeyma - 8.51
blackjackrocket - 8.70
doctoreevee - 17.00
firevie - 8.70
h1n1vulpix - 5.87
happyparasol - 3.04
heibitheivan - 3.04
jantyl - 8.70
jeffysraichu - 8.70
kassia9 - 5.77
rax - 22.66
schenzi - 5.87
skdarkdragon - 5.77
toda - 8.70
yaoi_queen - 14.26

Please send the new payment total to with your LJ name and GA Payment 2 as the note. Thank you all for your patience, understanding, and cooperation as we sorted out this issue! Please comment here when payment has been sent, as per usual, so I know that you have paid. Thanks!
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