Evey (ville_valo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New member :) + Big Pikachu!

Hi everyone :) I'm new here to pkmncollectors, but not old, lol. I've been looking at pkmn collectors everyday, saved it as a bookmark for 3 months now, and I just decided to join in :3. I just collect Pokemon plushies and will post here and there and what not. I especially like BIG plushies. :D 

But anyways to the point here, I just wanted to show you guys this BIG Pikachu I won at my fair! I went on Saturday and when I saw him I almost cried because I had about 2$ left and couldn't win the stupid ring toss game :(. So I went back to the fair the next day JUST to go in there and get out with that Pikachu. Had to pay 12$ too just for admission to get into the fair just to get him -.-. But I went back in there loaded with money because I was going to do what it takes to win him!
So.. I DID! :D

Yeah.. He's HUGE. :O. A little more than 4 feet high, and 2 1/2 feet long. I wish I could cuddle with him, but he's to big to fit in my bed! XD

His pretty butt XD. 

^ This is right when we brought him home. Hit fit in pretty nicely. But my cat was like "O_O".. then he got used to him. :). But I'm not sure if I'm use to him yet! I have a glass door and whenever I walk out my room I seen Pikachu in the reflection and I get so scared hahaha.

It only took 20$ worth of rings to get him, but it was pretty worth it. There was also a huge Zorua and a huge meowth. I almost passed out seeing these three plushies just hanging there waiting to be in a loving home. They were just hanging there in the rain :( all dirty and such. I have yet to clean my Pikachu he's dirty :(. But I don't know how, he's so big! I wanted the Zorua so bad as well, but it was only one prize per person. DX.

But anyway, again hello to you all and I hope you enjoyed looking at my new addition to my plushies X). I'll post a picture of my collection later. :)

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