Miss_n00b (fizzycat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

MASSIVE TCG and more sales, and advice wanted!

Hello guys! Its me again :D

Before we get to the HUEG SALES AAAAAAAAAA I'd like to show off some small gets :D and get some advice!

to start off, I got these within the past few days...


Thank you SO much to artikgato, pikachux and sonicad17768 for these! You guys have helped me so much <3 thank you THANK YOU AAAAAAA! Now I only need 3 gold stars to have a full set! and 2 replacements to have a complete near mint set :D

and here is what I would like some advice on...

I bought a raichu custom pin cushion off of etsy the otehr day...the picture was super cute and it was only about $5 so I couldnt resist. But when it arrived I was quite dissopointed!

this was the pic on etsy...

and this is what I recieved...

the front looks okay....but when we look at the sides and back thats where the problems start to show!

first major dissopointment was the banana-ears. Those are not raichu ears! And the ones in the pic looked correct and much better. These ones look really shoddy. And then on the back...

the stitching had come loose! Now what I wanted to ask is, would you complain? I only paid $5 for it, which is hardly anything, but I'm not too happy with the product...what would you do? :(

okay, now the part you've all been waiting for. HUGE SALES! Including TONS of TCG and an ultra rare flareon cap!

PLEASE!!! Read the rules! ESPECIALLY if youre buying TCG! there are some specific rules you need to follow!

to start...RULES!

I live in the UK and I ship worldwide
I accept paypal ONLY unless you live in the UK
Prices do NOT include postage and fees. They are charged seperately.
Please state where you live in your order so I can calculate shipping accordingly
I DO accept trades/part trades! My wants lists are located:
here: thetroublewithgibles.weebly.com/wanted-list.html
here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8155.html#cutid1
here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8300.html
and here: fizzycat.livejournal.com/8547.html

Please put your LJ name and what you purchased in the note section in paypal when you pay for your order
PLEASE DO NOT PM ME OFFERS. I will only count your offer/order if you post in the thread.
Sales permission granted by lineaabla on 31st August, 2010

Feedback thread here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/fizzycat/

FOR TCG SPECIFICALLY! Please let me know the card name and what set its from. If you don't know the set, just link the picture along with naming which ones you would like from that picture.
ALSO! please place ALL TCG orders in THIS post! NOT the post on my journal!
ANYONE WHO DOESNT FOLLOW THESE RULES WILL BE IGNORED UNTIL THEY CORRECT IT! There is hundreds of TCG for sale here and this will help me out immensly! Thank you!

non TCG sales!

ash and the gang roller stamp pencil! stamps poliwhirl and poliwrath. Never seen another! up for offers starting at $5, which is also the lowest I'll accept. Offers end in 3 days.

charizard and primeape dairylea dog tags, features ash on the back: $1 each
Jynx unopened lenticular bubblegum. DO NOT OPEN AND CONSUME! this stiuff is over 10 years old seriously <_> $1

I challenged the nintendo pokemon masters! badge! Very rare and unique! $2

sealed! applause meowth vs psyduck battle plush playset! Can be shipped out of packaging if you wish. $10

complete in box (but has been opened at the bottom) charmander vs chansey applause plush set. plush are $6 each or $10 for the set w/ packaging CHARMANDER SOLD

beedrill marble holder. $3

pokemon TCG card holder: $7

diamond and pearl zukan diorama! buizel/floatsel base has been glued in and the plantation and two pegs have also been glued, hence this zukan's price! Still looks and presents great! $20

paras applause plush: $10

prerelease deck boxes, featuring either victini and kyurem, groudon and kyogre, zekrom and reshiram or cobalion and tornadus. $5 each

TCG storage tins $3 each. Note will cost quite a bit to ship!

POP compactable frizbee/flying disk $2

tepig, snivy and oshawott patches! I have 8 of each available. $3 each

legendary birds/rayquaza, plusle and minun sticker sheets! $1 each

temporary tatoos! 50c each

TCG sticker sheets! orange ones are $1 (features umbreon, arcanine, charizard etc) white ones are $0.50

massive topps lot! includes a near complete holo series 1 and 2 set. Also 11 holos! $10 OBO

tomy pokemon pogs...free with any order!

and now...super massive TCG SALES FFFFFF

(click the banner or this fake cut to be transported!)

to finally finish off...now I have a mint replacement, I have a mewtwo star for trade!

the front is extremely mint, but the back has the slightest crease. Doesnt show up on the front.

I also have a pikachu *!

I am interested in Celebi star, regice star, raikou star and treecko star. Suicune star as well. I am also interested in buying these cards!

I am also interested in venusaur ex and blastoise ex :) Let me know if youre interested in trading!

OKAY! that is EVERYTHING! Thanks for ploughing through my post guys, I love you all loads! :B
Tags: bidoof, cards, flareon, mewtwo, oshawott, piplup, sales
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