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There are those that told me it couldn't be done...

You may (but probably don't) remember my introduction post a fairly short time ago. In it, I stated my grails, as anyone does in a good intro post. My grails were the Pikachu Volkswagen Beetle, and a Pikachu mascot costume. Quite a few people snickered a little over my outlandish grails. Quite a few kindly told me that my grails were unobtainable, but wished me luck anyway. I am here to tell you that you were all wrong.

Please click the cut for the rest of my story, and for a spam worthy amount of pictures of the MOST AWESOME GRAIL GET EVER POSTED TO THIS COMMUNITY!

I know the first questions, where and how? Where all the wonderful things come from, eBay! But, it was all because of this wonderful community. I signed up on eBay Motors to be notified if a "pikachu car" came up for sale. Of course, that was the day that eBay spazzed and didn't send me any notifications. Life goes on. I'm on the community, reading everyones post like I do every day, when I get to the very bottom of dezchu's post. I see a short sentence "I also just seen a pikachu BMW on ebay" (pretty sure they meant VW, lol). What? No, can't be, I'd know.. so I head over to eBay, and.. Have all sorts of fit that involved laughing, crying, screaming, and frantic calls to my husband. I called the dealership, and the woman tells me it sold yesterday. I freaked. I mean freaked. She got tired of dealing with me, and put me on the phone with the manager, who says she was wrong, it had a offer that they were considering, but it was not sold. Skip ahead a few days, and all the paperwork is signed, a load of money (I don't plan on telling you guys how much, sorry) is sent, skip ahead another week (which was one week ago today) and there's a beautiful little car parked in my driveway! More crying and screaming and laughing. It arrived so dirty. They didn't detail it at all. There was several years of dirt on the baby. They didn't even vacuum the inside, there were band-aid wrappers, among other garbage. I've spent hours washing and waxing, and I just rubbed a white cloth over the entire car, and there's not a speck of dust. Not one.

(My Mazda is photobombing in the back. The green thing in the window is a little Celebi plush)
It's one of the official Nintendo cars made back in 2000. It was used in all of the events, then again in the Journey Accross America in 2006. Shouldn't it have ears and a tail? Why yes, it should. When Nintendo was done with the car in 2007, they put it up for auction. The dealership that I bought it from bought it. These were not Pokemon friendly people. They were anti Pokemon. The guy told me on the phone "No one was going to buy it looking like that! With ears and a big tail? It looked stupid..." yeah. Basically, they were stripping it to make it into a regular VW, which apparently they did with a couple of the other Pikabugs that they bought. Please save the tears for after my post. The other cars were completely stripped. One of the salesmans wife saw this car, and her and her kids decided they'd like it to have as an extra car, so she bought it before they finished killing it. However, she wasn't a fan of Pokemon, either, and it was just an extra car to her. They trashed it. The interior is clean and smells fine, but there's a million scratches everywhere. I'll replace it eventually. They also took out the tv and gamecube that were in the trunk. Oh, back to how I got it. She only put a couple thousand miles on it in the 5 years that she had it, so she finally decided that she didn't need it, and turned it back over to the dealership again, where I got it before anymore harm could be done!

Can't even tell where the tail was! That's my husbands car photobombing now. Y'all need to stop trying to steal the attention! Oh, by the way, that's "Ugly" my play my play Pikachu hanging out on the dash. He's my travel buddy. Ugly is an affectionate name, he's actually my favorite plush, and he's so beat up and pilled and stitched...

Oh, just looking at it gives me shivers and chills! I can't wait till I have the money for the ears and tail. Impatience!

This picture gives you an idea of what I have to fix. The light cover, obviously. The foglights are also busted. And all those black specks are paint chips. The front is just covered. It isn't anything that can't be fixed, it's just that I'll be paying off the car, so it will take me a while to save up for the repairs. Mechanically, the car is nearly perfect. Considering it's 12 years old, I couldn't ask for better! There's also a couple dents that need pulled out. Nothing impossible. Ignore the round circle, that's something that's supposed to be there, though I'm not sure what it's function is.

I promise everyone that eventually I will have my Pikabug in better than new condition. I plan on restoring him to look exactly like he did 12 years ago. It's quite a sad story, that he went from being adored by tens of thousand of people, to being abused! But I want to restore him to the star he once was.

I also have a final question for everyone, I generally don't name my Pika's because eventually with so many thousands of items, there's no way to remember. But this guy needs a name. They're generally reffered to as "Pikabug" but I get confused with Pikabellechu enough, I don't really want the same name as hers to make it worse. I've personally been calling it Buggy Chu. My wonderful friend, amandajo567 suggested Chu Mobile, which is equally cute. What would you guys call him? Last last thing, I still have to get a plate made for him. In Kentucky, where I live, custom plated are limited to 6 characters, meaning Pikachu won't fit. Someone already has Pika (who the heck?) so I'm thinking of going for Pkachu. What do you think? Any better/other suggestions?

Thanks again, everyone! I knew wonderful things would happen after I joined, but I had no idea... I mean, I wouldn't have found it. Someone else would have bought him, and I'd have never known. Thank you, so, so much!

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