Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rythen Eugea

Card sales~

Under the cut is a list of a BUNCH of trainers/supporters/stadiums, and in my sales post are a few more (mostly deck essentials) and some new Pokemon cards (both playable and collectible!)

No price? $.25!

6x Double Colorless Energy ... $1 each
9x Prism Energy ... $.50 each

2x Exp Share
1x Reverse Exp Share
1x Rocky Helmet
3x Eviolite ... $1

6x Level Ball ... $.50
1x Reverse Level Ball ... $1
4x Crushing Hammer
1x Switch (HGSS Trainer Kit - Gyarados)
1x Switch (BW)
1x Switch (DP Stormfront)
1x Reverse Switch (BW)
2x Recycle (Base)
1x Potion (Base)
1x Max Potion
3x Plus Power (Base)
1x Reverse Plus Power (BW)
1x Reverse Plus Power (Unleashed)
3x Pokemon Communication (BW)
4x Plume Fossil
3x Energy Retrieval (BW)
1x Super Scoop Up (BW)
1x Reverse Super Scoop Up (BW)
1x Reverse Super Scoop Up (Unleashed)
2x Heavy Ball
4x Revive (BW)
1x Reverse XTransveiver

3x Professor Oak's New Theory ... $.50
1x Seeker ... $.50
1x Professor Elm's Training Method (Expedition) ... $.50
3x Professor Juniper ... $.50
2x Reverse Cilan ... $.50
2x Copycat (Expedition) ... $.50
3x Professor Elm's Training Method (Call of Legends/HGSS)
2x Interviewer's Questions
2x Engineer's Adjustments
4x N
4x Twins

3x Skyarrow Bridge

(Banner takes you to the rest of my TCG sales)

Also, it's worth mentioning that I HAVE added a couple things to my normal sales. Namely, Raikou and Suicune keychains and Aipom, Smeargle, and Teddiursa magnets.
There's still a couple Zoroark pencil boards, custom Lumineon plush, custom Flareon and Leafeon sculptures, and a bunch of misc things in the post.
Tags: aipom, cards, flareon, leafeon, lumineon, raikou, sales, smeargle, suicune, teddiursa, zoroark
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