eilidhm5559 (eilidhm5559) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Random Find, Question and wants!

Hello pokemon collectors,
the other night I couldnt sleep so I ended up staying up all night. My mum was going to a flea market/carboot sale that morning so I decided to tag along .... Well im glad I did as I picked up some random derpy goods!

Yess Its play by play mewtwo, eevee and togepi! They are soo derpy and strange looking that you cant help but love them <3
I really love the mewtwo and the eevee more though ...but then maybe thats because ive never really liked togepi in the 1st place?
They were a total steal as well, each cost me 50p! (79 cents!)

Also Ive seen a few 1/1 pokemon, I was just wondering what ones you can get ? Ive heard about a zorua but wasn't sure if it were true or not? If it is real then how big is he and whats the sort of price range for one (as I must have 1)

Ohh and last but not least I have updated my wanted post, so please feel free to have a look :) The things that are higher wants are in bold and larger writing

Thank you for reading, im away to bed - have a great day/night <3
Tags: eevee, mewtwo, plush, togepi, wanted, zorua
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