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Group Buy for Nobunaga's Ambition postcards

This group buy is for all Nobunaga's Ambition collectible postcards from Sunyshore.

All payments were received, thanks for being prompt! Look out for the final payment post.

I was granted sales permission in May 2010 by lineaalba
My feedback thread is here (see "previous feedback")

Nobunaga+Zekrom cluw PAID
Motonari+Serperior chypie PAID
Shingen+Groudon yaoi_queen PAID
Mitsuhide+Articuno eldareth PAID
Motochika+Samurott aaruxPAID
Boy+Eevee pattsun PAID
Girl+Eevee pattsun PAID
Kenshin + Mewtwo technicolorcage PAID
Hideyoshi+Infernape technicolorcage PAID
Oichi+Jigglypuff zealeyPAID
Kotaro + Zoroark prawnographer PAID

I am claiming Kotaro+Zoroark only.

RULES, read carefully before claiming.
► The total for the set is 36$ + 9.50$ = $45.50, so there are 2 payments: 1st for the item+shipping to me, and 2nd for shipping to you.
Your first payment will be $3.80 + fees!
► Payment is required IMMEDIATELY once all cards are claimed. Do not claim if you cannot pay on time (within 24 hours), or else negative feedback will be left!
► I am not responsible for your item once it leaves my hands.

Thanks and happy claiming!

Garasha+Munna claim still needed!!
Tags: group auction
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