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USPS can be lame sometimes

So today I picked up a package from the USPS............

This is what I saw when I received my package..... I was concerned........

This is what the back looked like....... I think stampeding tauros ran over my mail >< Or a truck.......

I held out hope that the passenger inside would be okay. 

He was packaged well, in a bubble mailer with an extra layer of bubble wrap around him but I could already see some signs of damage.

A black eye!  D: His hang tag also got torn off. 

Thank goodness it was wrapped in plastic or I fear it might have been completely ripped apart.

Poor little thing! There's even black gunk in the embroidered whites of his eye. 

I have tried to wash it's a stubborn stain. I'm not sure what it is but it's not simple dirt that would come right off. It's really ground into the fibers, it also doesn't help that the stain is black and Victini's cheek is tan. I'll keep trying, I'm thinking maybe oxyclean might have a chance. I'll have to try when I return home, all I have available to me for now is dish soap and that just isn't cleaning it well enough.

What really frustrates me is the USPS acknowledges that this was their fault and apologized. I don't think it was malicious, just one of those things that happens. So I talked to the lady that works at my P.O., she's super nice and I've known her for years, and she said that even though it was the post offices' fault there's nothing that she can do but apologize on behalf of the postal service..... That gets me. I was brought up that if you make a mistake, even if it's an accident, you try and make it right. Apparently that's not the case here. I don't blame anyone, it's just a huge bummer!

Maybe if I can't get the stain out I'll tell people it's a singe mark from Zekrom >< What do you guys think? 

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