mllechansey (mllechansey) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Charms solution!

Coolest buy ever!

Like a lot of you, I really loved the charms. I've got a few sets now and I was thinking... what should I put them on?
Well, my problem is solved! After a little searching on Etsy I found this :

The person who runs the shop will make an Unown on a charm bracelet with your initial :o
So hopefully I'll soon have the perfect place to keep all of my prized Pokemon Charms! :D

Here is a link to the shop. It was $7 with $2.50 shipping.
(I'll be sure to post a photo of my bracelet with the M Unown and charms ASAP!)
And to make this post interesting... I'm going to show off my Chansey embroidery!

I learned how to embroider a few days ago and stitched up this Chansey on a handkerchief. :))

Tags: collection, custom
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