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Jakks Series 4 GB - aka Woobat needs a home

If you are like me you are probably tired of waiting for the Jakks Pacific B/W Series 4 plushes to arrive at the local stores(mine haven't even gotten rid of all the old plushes yet). I have found a site that has them in stock, and their prices are pretty reasonable. The only catch is... if no one claims Woobat I'm not ordering the set! Woobat needs a home in order for this GB to work!

If there is a big enough response to this GB I will consider ordering up to 3 sets, but ALL WOOBATS must be claimed! If someone has already claimed a plush you wanted, don't fret I'll put you down for the next set, but again ALL have to be claimed or else I will not order another set. Good news is that ordering 2 or 3 sets knocks the price down a bit.

There will be two payments! Payment 1 is the plush + shipping to me, and payment 2 is shipping to you

The price for each plush is $11.08 - If two or three sets are ordered the total is only $10.75!

Using my own Jakks plushies as a reference (weight aprx 3 ounces) Payment 2 should cost for $2.15 US and 5.15 for International.
This is just an estimate! You will be notified with your total for payment 2 once I get the package and can weigh out and calculate everyone's payment.

How to claim:
  • You may only claim one at this time UNLESS you want to claim Woobat + another plush
  • Comment below with the name of the plush you wish to claim
  • You must also say the keyword hidden in the rules/shipping info so I know you read everything first!
  • I only accept PayPal
  • If paying with an e-check your item will not ship until the check has cleared
  • This is only open to members in good standing with [info]pkmncollectors
  • All pkmncollectors community rules apply!
  • Payments must be made within 72 hours of notification(I will reply to your claims on this post)
  • Shipping payments will include postage fees, PayPal fees, and the cost of a bubble mailer
  • Delivery Confirmation is included for all packages shipped in the US
  • I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages
  • The keyword is awesomesauce, don't forget it or else your comment will be ignored!
  • I live in the USA and ship from Illinois
  • INTERNATIONAL - I will NOT mark as "gift" this is illegal
  • Customs forms will be marked "Merchadise"
  • The total amount you paid(excluding shipping) will also be marked on the form
  • You are responsible for paying any customs/duties/taxes/tariffs

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 10/29/11 - my feedback can be found here

Claims Set 1:
Victini - jujufox
Woobat - tewzi
Deerling - jadekitty777
Patrat - snowflaika
Panpour - aguazul08
Lillipup - rypeltajaroll

Claims Set 2:
Victini - eternal_rena
Woobat - snowflaika
Deerling - shirohikarikaze
Patrat - yellowmudkip
Panpour -
Lillipup - jadekitty777
Tags: deerling, group auction, jakks, lillipup, panpour, patrat, victini, woobat
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