Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

TY Beanies $10 each! Also small sales!

Prices for shipping: Inside Europe $3.00 / Outside Europe $3.50
Shipping for additional beanies: $1 per beanie.

2 x Oshawott
1 x Snivy
1 x Tepig
1 x Axew
1 x Pansage

1 x Pikachu

Banpresto DX Zorua (MWT) $25 - Free postage for entire sale!
Minun (MWT) - $10 / Banpresto Pikachu (tush tag) $15 / BK Psyduck $2
BK Charizard (booklet and hanger included) Offers over $10

- What are the beanies made of? How do they differ from Jakks?
The fabric is a rich Minky. Eyes and facial details are extensively embroidered. Only small details (tusks, snout, shell) are cotton. Tails, ears and butts are Minky. They are extremely snuggable.
- Waah! $10 each! Can't I haggle? ;-;
They cost me $8 each in the local store. Minus Paypal fees, packaging and time, that is a mighty $1 profit. I bought these as pick-ups last year and people backed out, leaving me with these.
- Will you hold [x]?
Okay, if I have sold/bought with you before.
- Can I buy the tray itself?
Not this week. I have three, so they're not going anywhere. I just don't know what one will cost to post.

Sales permission granted by Dakajojo in June 2011
Tags: plush, sales
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