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Updated collections!

Hey everyone! For those who dont already know who I am, I'm a 15 year old Swedish guy, and im OBSESSED with pokemon. (xD ) My favourite pokemon is Deoxys, but today im going to show you what my side/other collections looks like, and how they have grown since my first update (and only i beleive x) )

First off, the lovely fighting frog, Poliwrath, an his evos Poliwag and Poliwhirl ^^
(this will be sorta before: after: thingy :3) Im excluding every collections flats, which maybe will be shown later on ^^

This is what i had before:

And now i have, sigh, ALL THESE xD



These 3 collections(not hariyama)

Has grown into:

And my gla'line collection:




Randoms xP:

'Phishes(didnt collect him earlier) Excluded is the pokedoll which i got from Lady_joan :D<33

Dem psychics...

And now, my second main collection.. BUGS :D

Bees: Weedle/kakuna/beedrill/combee/vespiquen  (just noticed dat beedrill layed down.x)

Cicadas/crickets: Scyther/scizor/shedinja/ninjask/nincada/kricketot/kricketune

Moths/butterflies Venonat/venomoth/wurmple/cascoon/silcoon/beautifly/dustox/caterpie/metapod/butterfree/masquerain/surskit AND Mothim

Bagworms: burmy/wormadam/forretress/pineco

Beetles: Pinsir/heracross

Fireflies: Illumise/volbeat

Ladybugs/cavecritters :D :paras/parasect/ledyba/ledian

Scorps/Dragonflies/Spiders O' w'O :Skorupi/(Drapion gets to join >w<)/yanma/yanmega/ariados and spinarak
No joltiks yet D:

Inshell/Outofshell's :D :Shelmet/accelgor/shuckle/armaldo/anorith!

And to end it of, here are my current bugzukans :)

When i have them all, I have plans on making a forest diorama for them :D

So yeah, those are my other collections, wich im very proud of! Forever a pokemon fan :)

Hope you enjoyed this post, and wait til i get my deoxys post up... ;D

Have a continuing good day/night everyone! :3
And thanx for looking :)

Tags: cloyster, collection, corphish, glalie, hariyama, poliwag, poliwhirl, poliwrath, vanillite
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